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Hidell-Eyster International produces an annual report based on a variety of sources which reviews the emerging trends and major developments in the industry. It also provides custom-designed market research for individual clients, and hosts seminars and training sessions for investors, owners, and industry professionals

Information: Overview of the Bottled Water Industry, 2006.

This provides an overall Executive Summary of the water industry globally, with details of both retail and HOD trends, volumes, and new products to watch. This is an excellent overview for those interested in learning about this exciting, dynamic, and rapidly changing industry. This reports not just statistical data, but provides points of view and analysis by the Hidell-Eyster International team. $1500.
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Training: for investors, owners, managers, and employees in the Bottled Water industry.

Investor TrainingHidell-Eyster International offers an array of training programs designed to educate industry personnel and industry investors in the HOD, POU, retail water, and enhanced beverage segments of the industry. The training programs and classes are designed to meet the needs of personnel possessing varying degrees of industry experience, ranging from junior level management to seasoned industry veterans and senior executives. The types of training programs routinely conducted range from workshops designed for small groups to bottled water conferences that attract several hundred attendees.

In addition to seminars and training programs routinely conducted, Hidell-Eyster International is often requested by clients to conduct in-house or off-site workshops and seminars that are custom-designed for the client's specific needs. Custom training programs such as these can be taught in HEI offices, in client’s facilities, or at a mutually agreed upon location. Quality Control and Quality Assurance seminars provide insight into the most updated technology and regulatory activity.

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