About Us

Welcome to Hidell-Eyster International, consultants to the bottled water industry.

Founded in 1968, Hidell-Eyster International is an independent bottled water consulting firm with headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts. The firm is employee-owned, providing technical, commercial, and strategic advice to international clients in the bottled water, POU, enhanced waters, and non-alcoholic beverage industry. Hidell-Eyster International staff are highly educated, seasoned industry professionals and average over 20 years of individual experience in the areas of their stated expertise. It is HEI staff’s field and operating experience along with their education and background that generates sound business decisions and achievable results.

Hidell-Eyster International also provides specialized training programs for the bottled water industry, and provides outsourced management for marketing, branch management, and general business management.

The strength and breadth of HEI’s Client base has grown over the years, to a broad category of businesses. To see a complete list, click here, on Our Clients.

HEI has some of the best people in the industry; it has a team-approach to managing Clients’ success; and our mission is focused solely on our Clients.

To meet the Principals and learn about their specific skills and accomplishments, follow this link to Our Team.

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