HEI can help operate the Client’s business to improve efficiency and effectiveness. HEI can grow the business, improve margins, and benefit the bottom line.

Consistent leadership and attention to detail in managing a bottled water company is critical in order to to achieve and maintain profitability. There are many times when it is important to reinforce management skills with a specific specialty area to maximize profitability. Sometimes it is important to actually fill in for a General Manager in case of illness, or when a major change is planned.

Sales & Marketing to improve profitable organic growth. Whether in HOD or in the retail channels, growing the customer base and achieving a critical mass of sales remain the primary means of improving the bottom line. HEI can help with new product development, new channel development, and create targeted and effective sales and marketing plans.

For smaller HOD businesses not yet large enough to justify a full-time Marketing Manager, HEI offers an Outsourced Marketing Manager Program for less than the cost of a full time employee. The Outsourced Marketing Manager jointly develops and implements a Marketing Plan with the General Manager and/or Sales Manager to generate incremental customers and sales. For more information, E-Mail now .

Outsourced Interim Management to manage rapid change. It often takes more skill to turn a business around and install a sound infrastructure than it does to maintain it once established. Let HEI do this work, and have them develop a person to maintain the business after HEI is gone. This is an exceptional way to manage an acquisition, a turnaround, or the departure of a General Manager. Hidell-Eyster International can fill the role or can advise and work with a new person learning the business. For more information, E-Mail now .

Strategic Business Plans. HEI can evaluate a business and lead a 1-day offsite analysis with top management to discuss key topics related to the business and current environment. As a result of that meeting, Hidell-Eyster International can build a Strategic Plan and Annual Business Plan which will define what projects need to be done next year, by whom watches replica, at what cost, and project anticipated results. It will also provide a longer term set of goals and guidelines which should help the company maintain focus and clear direction in the future. For more information, E-Mail now .

Functional Expertise and Supported Disciplines. HEI has a team of
individuals with specific skills to help reinforce a wide range of business needs.
These include:

  • Market Research
  • IT, systems upgrades, handhelds
  • Human Resources; Executive search; organizational structure
  • Distribution Strategies
  • Cost management strategies
  • Plant operations, design
  • QC/QA issues

For more information. E-Mail now .

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