HEI can help improve product quality, compliance with regulatory requirements, and improve production efficiencies.

Bottling Operations & Plant Design. HEI can provide turnkey plants from design through construction and regulatory approvals. Plant expansions, line upgrades, and plant modifications to improve efficiencies can often have a significant positive impact on value and profitability. HEI has been entrusted with exploring ways to accomplish this for many firms over the years. To explore this opportunity,  E-Mail now .

Compliance. Sometimes compliance with regulatory requirements can be challenging. Import/export licensing, permits, certifications, zoning, HACCP, wastewater discharge, product labeling, and source water management are all areas in which HEI provides assistance. For further information on compliance issues, E-Mail now .

Quality Control. This is the most critical aspect of the bottled water industry. Consumers buy bottled water because it is good for them; they trust the safety of bottled water. Hidell-Eyster International has years of experience in all areas of water quality control, from source to laboratory management to process training and documentation. We provide emergency response for quality control problems in your business. For more information, E-Mail now .

Water Resource Management. Hydrogeology plays an important role in defining the source water, as well as protecting it, developing the site for collection and distribution, and addressing the legislative and public opinion issues surrounding water extraction from aquifers. Hidell –Eyster International can guide its Clients through some of these technical issues using plain English and a practical approach: E-Mail now .

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