Get help navigating through the often murky waters of trademark, patent, land use, water rights, regulatory law and valuation.

In this industry, there are a wide range of legal challenges surrounding land use, water rights, and trademarks as they relate to locations and sources. Additionally, the regulatory environment around water quality and compliance can become litigious. Sometimes a firm is confronted with potential litigation from a customer or conflicts with a vendor. Hidell-Eyster International can be a good and valuable guide through these issues and can assist clients and their law firms with expert advice and testimony.

Source, Standard of Identity, and Water Rights. HEI can help lead management through the options and issues surrounding legal aspects of the source, including product definition, property rights, taxation issues, and trademark name protection.
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Licensing, Labeling, and Compliance. Hidell-Eyster International can shepherd Client companies through the complexities of state and international licensing and labeling requirements. In some situations, there is a difference of opinion regarding regulatory compliance requirements. In those cases, HEI can intervene and often negotiate effectively between the company and the state or Federal government. To contact Hidell-Eyster International about licensing, labeling, or compliance, E-Mail now .

Litigation. Hidell-Eyster International often works in consultation with legal firms in support of industry companies. Effective case preparation and convincing “Expert Witness” testimony can be a deciding factor in the eventual outcome of litigation or a settlement. To discuss such an issue in confidence with an expert in this area,
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