Consulting Services

Hidell-Eyster International has a focused list of bottled water consulting services in which it specializes. These are shown in the four boxes below:

It also has an Equity Division which targets the needs of the Investment Banking community by providing a top-level “industry introduction,” preparing Private Placement Memoranda, executing Due Diligence, and conducting independent valuations. It may consider participating in certain equity situations where appropriate. For more information on this Division, follow this link: The Equity Partners.

Lastly, Hidell-Eyster International has a selected list of training programs and specialty products for the bottled water industry. These are shown in the “Training Products” tab.

A list of typical HEI consulting assignments is shown in “Recent Projects.”

The Four Key Consulting Specialties that the Hidell-Eyster International Team has refined over 30 years in the beverage industry are shown below:

1. Financial Services.

Financial restructuring to improve return:
  • M&A activities
  • Business, site, and asset valuations
  • Water Purchase & Distribution Agreements.


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2. Operational Services.

Operating a bottled water business to improve cash flow and profit.

  • Marketing/Sales: Improve organic growth.
  • Provide interim management.
  • Strategic Business Plan (with action steps).
  • Distribution; Systems; Training; Human Resources.

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3. Technical/Regulatory Services.

Consulting to improve product quality, compliance, and operational efficiencies.

  • Bottling operations/plant design
  • Compliance
  • QC and HACCP
  • Water source management
  • Technical training

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4. Legal Issues.

Providing expert advice and support on a range of regulatory and legal matters in the beverage industry.

  • Water rights
  • Trademark law
  • Expert witness in litigation


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