The Equity Partners

partnersThe Equity Partners targets the needs of the Investment Banking community. It provides a top-level "industry introduction," about the unique bottled water industry, it prepares Private Placement Memoranda, conducts Due Diligence, and prepares independent valuations.

Hidell-Eyster International also has a focused list of consulting services for the key operators and owners of bottled water and other beverage companies. These are shown in the tab: "Consulting Services."

equityHidell-Eyster International is committed to building the value of equity ownership in the bottled water industry. Having knowledgeable investors, buyers, and sellers increases the likelihood of mutually beneficial transactions.

Ensuring that the potential purchasers have a clear understanding of the financial models relevant to either the Home and Office Delivery (HOD) or the retail business before they make acquisitions will help insure that they will receive fair value for their funds.

Also, conducting the Due Diligence with a knowledgeable understanding of what risks to look for in this industry increases the effectiveness of an acquisition. Hidell-Eyster International is a valuable resource in this area.

Hidell-Eyster International will assist a company in finding private equity, writing Private Placement Memoranda, and executing equity sales.

If you are either a Buyer or a Seller,
and want to learn more, please E-mail HEI now.

Equity Partners


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