Henry R. Hidell, III M.A., B.S., Land Planner/Economist, Chairman
Carroll S. Keim M.B.A., B.S., President and CEO
Kathleen J. Ransome B.A., Managing Director, The Equity Partners
John Crawford Retail Sales & Distribution Specialist
Thomas Brewer Director, Ph.D., M.S., B.S., Hydrogeologist,Technical Director.
Cynthia E. Toth M.A., B.F.A., Director of Administration and Communications.
Randi A. Neiner Ph.D., M.B.A., M.S., B.S., Product Development Specialist
Norbert W. Schmidtke

Ph.D., P. Eng., Diplomat, American Academy of Environmental Engineers (D.E.E.)

Andrew N. Genes Ph.D., M.A., B.S., Surficial/Soils Geologist
Terence McSweeney B.S., Microbiologist, Licensed Site Professional (MA Permanent License #6728)
Brian McSweeney B.A., P.E., Senior Civil Engineer
Robert C. Anderson, Esq. J.D. Environmental Law/Public Health, P.H., A.B.
John Clemmens M.B.A., B.S., Process Engineer
Lawrence V. Tomlinson Registered Architect, AIA



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