DR. THOMAS BREWER- Technical Director, Hydrogeologist

DR. THOMAS BREWER- Technical Director, Hydrogeologist

As The Technical Director, Dr Brewer has led the Technical Staff for over twenty years. His breadth and depth of knowledge about water, water quality, contamination, and the hydrogeology of springs is unsurpassed.

With a Ph.D. in hydrogeology and an undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering, Dr. Brewer has provided technical consulting services to the beverage industry worldwide for almost three decades. He evaluates water sources to determine their feasibility to support commercial bottling operations, and designs water collection systems and transfer stations.

In addition to water resource evaluation and development, Dr. Brewer oversees activities related to quality control including conformity of source water and final product with government regulations, compliance of manufacturing practices with government regulations, design and installation of water treatment systems, and emergency response to water quality problems. He has prepared applications for many companies to successfully obtain state licenses to sell bottled water.

Dr. Brewer has served on the Technical Committee of IBWA. In that capacity, he has been instrumental in the development of the IBWA Model Bottled Water Regulation and in the development of criteria to determine whether a water source is a spring. Dr. Brewer has written numerous technical articles on the industry.


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